Other Services

Fire & Water Damage
The Stonehill Company would always prefer that you donʼt end up in any unfortunate Fire or Water Damage scenario, but in the event you do we will absolutely be there for you should that situation regretfully arise. We have the ability to take care of everything from the initial cleanup and removal of debris, to then guide you through the entire restoration and construction process. Whether youʼve only had some minor water damage to finishes, or major fire damage to the structural integrity of your home, The Stonehill Company will do everything in itʼs power to get you back to comfortable living in your home as soon as possible. We can also help you make any alterations and/or upgrades you may be thinking of or desire for your home, while construction is already taking place.

Insurance Services
Stonehill has the ability to assist homeowners with any insurance claims involved with the necessary construction to their home that may follow. Weʼve worked closely with many insurance agencies over the years including State Farm and Chartis Insurance, among many others. Weʼre also more than happy to meet with your insurance adjuster at any time, simply just to be your advocate and make certain you are being treated fairly during these times of uncertainty and vulnerability.

Tenant Improvement