Quality home, kitchen, and bathroom remodels are the “bread n’butter” that The Stonehill Company was founded upon years ago and continues to impress in today. The StoneHill Company accomplishes masterful kitchen and bathroom creations, as well as crafting and finishing projects throughout every other part of any home. Our projects encompass and include the most efficient layouts, fine custom cabinetry, exotic stone countertops, spectacular fixtures, unbelievable lighting schemes, and anything else your heart or imagination desires.


Have you ever dreamed a soaking bathtub that fills with water from the ceiling high above, or maybe heated bathroom floors when you awake from your slumber? Ever think about multiple cooking surfaces in your kitchen, or dual dishwashers incorporated into your islands cabinetry?


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Well, when The Stonehill Company is at the helm of your remodel, anything and everything becomes possible. The remodeling transformations to existing homes and the rooms they include are sometimes staggering, and in many of our cases, jawdropping. It’s possible that you may not even realize it’s the same exact home you’d been living or room you’ve been sleeping in for years. in some cases, you may not even recognize that it’s the same home you had just recently purchased. Regardless, there’s nothing The Stonehill Company would love more, than the opportunity to prove to.