6 Benefits To Using A Custom Home Builder

Choosing a custom builder gets a home built with the highest level of professionalism.

A custom builder will work within your budget and help you to design the perfect home for you.

A custom home builder has a lot of experience in building homes, so they know what to look for when it comes to construction. They understand how everything fits together and they can help you pick out the best materials and design features for your home.

When it comes to building, there is more than just one way to do it. Some people prefer traditional styles, while others prefer modern designs. A custom builder can help you find the style that works best for your lifestyle and tastes.

When choosing a custom builder, be sure that you go with someone who has experience building homes similar to what you want. If you have an idea of what kind of home you want, make sure that your contractor understands exactly what it is that you want from them, including any special amenities or features that might be needed in order for your house to be built properly.

There is such thing as too big, when it comes to the size of your home.

 The average size of new single-family homes increased to 2,561 square feet. Since Great Recession lows (and on a one-year moving average basis), the average size of new single-family homes is now 6.3% higher at 2,537 square feet, while the median size is 10% higher at 2,312 square feet.

"Bigger is not always better," says Larry Wingate, an architect with Studio One Design Group in Chandler, Arizona. "It depends on the needs of your family and how much time you spend indoors."

Fewer angled walls and oddly shaped rooms your home has, the easier it will be to furnish and decorate.

But there are some ways to work with those awkward spaces and still make them work for you. Here are a few ideas:

Use furniture to define spaces.

For example, if you have a room with an oddly shaped doorway, put a chair or sofa in front of it so that people can't see into the room. Or if you have a hallway that's really narrow, use tall bookshelves to make it feel more spacious.

Use furniture as dividers.

If your home doesn't have many walls, consider using pieces of furniture (like bookcases) to create them instead. You could also use curtains or rugs as dividers between spaces — they'll help define each area while still allowing light and air to pass through freely.

Custom homes have no problem with meeting the requirements for obtaining an Energy Star rating for energy efficiency.

Custom homes have no problem with meeting the requirements for obtaining an Energy Star rating for energy efficiency. Many custom builders are already offering Energy Star-rated homes as one of their standard features.

The Energy Star program is administered by the EPA and is designed to help consumers identify products that save them money and protect the environment. The program offers a rating system for new homes that ranges from 80 to 100 percent for energy efficiency, depending on how well they perform compared with similar homes built to code.

While there are no standards for custom homes, many builders have voluntarily adopted the Energy Star program as part of their overall marketing strategy. In fact, many custom builders often build homes that exceed the minimum requirements of Energy Star ratings because they want to offer their customers higher quality construction than what would be required by code in many areas of the country.

A custom builder can save you money on your home purchase by incorporating green building techniques into your plans.

Green building methods are becoming increasingly popular in the building industry, and for good reason. They're more energy efficient and sustainable, which means that they use less resources and produce less waste. They also offer a number of other benefits for homeowners, including lower utility bills and a longer lifespan for your home's structure.

If you're considering buying a new home, you should talk to your builder about incorporating green building techniques into your plans. Here are some of the most common ways that custom builders can incorporate green building into their designs:

Use recycled materials

Choose low-VOC paints

Build with sustainable wood

Use Energy Star appliances

Build upon existing floor plans you've seen or even work with you to design a new floor plan from scratch.

Custom homes are built to your specifications.

Custom homes tend to be more expensive than standard plans, but you can save money by choosing less expensive features and materials and by doing some of the work yourself.

If you're looking for something truly unique, consider a kit home. Kit homes are pre-built sections that are shipped in pieces and assembled on-site by skilled construction crews. These homes can be purchased in a variety of styles, sizes, layouts and designs — everything from Tudor Revival to ranch style houses.


Custom built homes provides homeowners with savings in the long term