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Welcome to The Stonehill Company, coastal Orange County’s leading provider of Residential Renovations and Luxury Custom Homes. Stonehill is excited to work with each homeowner and/or designer, while providing the highest level of seamless coordination, superior craftsmanship, and remarkable customer service.

Dream. Build. Love.

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The StoneHill Company

Large Renovations

  • Full Interior/Exterior Transformations
  • Kitchens & Bathrooms
  • Large Square Footage Additions
  • Superior Quality Carpentry & Finishes
  • Master Suites
  • Mudrooms
  • Large Door and Window Systems
  • Structural Framing
  • Plaster & Siding
  • Landscaping & Hardscaping
  • Pools & Spas
  • Media and Theater rooms
  • Roof Decks & California Rooms
  • Guest & Pool Houses
  • Joining Structures 

Custom Homes

  • Turnkey Custom Home for You!
  • Assistance in Land Acquisition
  • Vacant Lot Construction
  • Tear Down and Re-builds
  • Stonehill Spec Homes



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Contact Us

 Contact us to set up an initial meeting at your home, to discuss design and budget  
 Phone: 949.630.2196. 
 DM us through Instagram
 Walk in- Our Dutch door is always open!



 Receive your custom proposal in 3-5 business days. 
 A copy will be emailed and one delivered to your home. 
 Includes all your hopes and dreams.



 Meet in person to sign the contact at your home or The Stonehill Office. 
 Receive a timeline of your home’s project. 
 Also, included is your progress payment breakdown



 Begin the exciting construction process. 
 Receive weekly E-mail updates from Stonehill about your home’s progress
Utilize our “Construction Concierge” service throughout the entirety of your project.


Dream. Build. Love

 Enjoy your incredible Stonehill Project!


1. Contact Us

Schedule a free phone consultation with one of our designers about your project and learn more about our process

2. Initial Consultation

Our designers will come out to your space to walk through it, talk with you about what you have in mind, and take some measurements and photos to begin brainstorming your design.

3. Review Your Proposal

Our designers will send you a proposal outlining basic ideas for your space, high-low budget points, and design fee details. If you think it looks good, you'll sign up and the real fun begins!

4. Presentation

Our designers will present to you visioning, floor plans, furniture selections, materials color schemes, and more for your space. You decide what you like and we'll make it happen.

5. Project Management

Sit tight, we have in-house contractors that take care of everything for you from full renovations to flooring and surface materials, to appliance and fixture installation. All of these renovations will be done before installing furniture and decor in your home.

6. Install

Once all renovations are complete and we have reciveed all of your pieces, our team will install everything for your home...rugs, furniture, lighting, art, and accessories. You come back at the end of the day to see your vision boards come to life with a grand reveal of your new home